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A New Kind Of App!
How The First ‘Singing Story’ Broke The Sound Barrier
“…the songs are terrific” - NAPPA Awards

Ken Kahn had produced CDs that sold millions but he wanted to create a more personal gift for his grandkids. He wrote and produced Cowbears and when acclaimed illustrator/author Amye Rosenberg heard his songs she was inspired. Her illustrations brought the Cowbears characters to life and they set out to create a new kind of musical storytelling.

Cowbears ‘I Love Mud’ would be released as an e-book, the first-ever ‘Singing Story’.


But Ken faced a hurdle - e-books could not handle continuous music. Every time the page turned, a pause interrupted the songs. His only option would be an App but Apps also paused to invite interactivity.

How could he fuse continuous music with interactive pauses? It was a ‘sound barrier’ no one had broken.


Enter Alan Bigio and his developers at Bacciz. A pioneer in educational Apps, Alan worked with Ken, who brought in famed audio engineer Frank Rosato of Woodcliff Studio (Sheryl Crow, Graham Nash, etc). They divided each song into two parts. Part one switched to an interactive game, then resumed with ‘part two’, then switched to another game, and so on. It worked!


Cowbears ‘I Love Mud’ also broke another ‘sound barrier’. It sounds like a studio album, not bad App audio. The first ‘Singing Story’ is the perfect ‘first App’, kid-safe, non-violent, easy to use - it entertains with interactive games but has no menus or words to touch. Even 2 and 3-year-olds play it on their own, singing over and over.


Cowbears ‘I Love Mud’ is designed for all Apple IOS devices - iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Available now in the iTunes App Store.