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The Cowbears Characters . . .

ipad app toddler Honey creates sweet treats, is wise for her years and throws a mean lasso. She gets her way most of the time. Teddy is full of questions and can't wait to to be a big Cowbear. He is learning to play guitar and wants to be a rodeo star. Iphone app toddler
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Uncle Wooly built Blackberry Ranch with his own paws. He is 150-years-old, sings songs and tells stories about the Old West
preschool music Lady Bear, Queen of the Woods, is a purple Berry Bear. She lives in a tree, is wise and speaks with an inner city edge. Bearfeather the Nez Bear rides his Appaloosa. He is Teddy’s best friend and his animal friends always help out. toddler songs
Iphone app toddler Humbearto runs his raft on the Big Blue River. He speaks a mix of English and Spanish and loves to sing and dance. Grizz is a Bully Bear. He steals honey and pie from the other cubs. He should learn to share and say “I’m sorry”. toddler music
toddler music
Mama Bear
is the teacher at Bearpaw School. She sings and creates harmony between all kinds of little bears.

Papa Bear, Uncle Wooly's great-great nephew is Beekeeper of the mountain and runs his own 'Honey Junction' stand.
Coco is very shy. Her best friend, Honey, helps her with self-esteem. Coco is small but comes through in surprising ways. preschool apps

Illustrations by Amye Rosenberg